VoIP Integration

Our specialty is enterprise communications and the development of advanced VoIP access devices such as VoIP gateways and IP PBX's for enterprises, small to medium offices, and residential markets. Our products provide a total VoIP solution for customers wishing to reap the benefits of VoIP while protecting their current CPE investment in traditional analog telephone systems. Fiducial Data also develops value-added software enhancements for its VoIP market segments, including a comprehensive management system to facilitate deployment by small to mid-size businesses.


At Fiducial Data, we recognize the benefits that may be gained from a converged communications infrastructure.  Voice Over Internet Protocol technology is poised to revolutionize the telecommunications industry in a way not seen since the introduction of the World Wide Web.  With the promise of advanced, intelligent features not available on today's legacy voice systems, coupled with operational simplification and network element consolidation created through the use of a common infrastructure, VoIP is perhaps one of the most important technological deployments we will see in this decade.

Our technologists have been involved in VoIP deployments ranging from small business sites to the largest telecommunications carriers in the world. From initial evaluation through design, deployment, engineering and on to operations and support, Procomm has the experience, expertise, and forward-thinking vision to help our customers realize their next-generation communications needs. We deliver customized solutions that satisfy any budget, and we always deliver in record time.

Our market approach is supported by close channeled partners, all of them leading IP-based managed services providers, we install and support our VoIP solutions, integrate the existing network infrastructure and modify or add anything needed in order to prepare these networks for the best service.

Strategy >> We can show you how to use new solutions and software in your organization to increase reliability while significantly reducing your costs. Once you have your strategy in place, don’t worry, we will be there every step of the way when you decide to implement your strategy.
Infrastructure >> We can design and implement your technical infrastructure solution, leveraging many technologies. Intranets, file & print servers, e-mail servers, databases, application servers, web servers, secure firewalls, domain servers, etc. – these are all core services that can be implemented using robust technology.
Turn Key Solution >> We have an ability to offer a vast array for strategic services to our customers. We are committed to providing solutions for our customers’ needs by leveraging the many open solutions available today, and adding specific functionality to meet the demands of a very diverse customer base.
Customized for You >> We offer a remote, extremely secure, network and back-office management solution. Web-server down? We’ll know before you do. Not getting your e-mail? We’re on it before we get a call. Our system monitoring capabilities allow us to manage your network remotely, limiting your need for in-house expertise.