Webhosting-Cloud Migration

Did you know that according to a recent Gartner survey, 82% of consumers use Internet search engines to help them find local businesses and services?

Are you making yourself known on the Internet?  Can potential customers find you easily?  You may have a website, but do you have an Internet presence, can people search for you?

Fiducial Data's Internet Marketing experts can work with you to give you a holistic Internet presence.  Not only can we get you set up with a professional website, we can help you to develop a coordinated online marketing campaign without breaking your bank.  Want an email newsletter?  No problem.  Want to get involved in the worlds of blogging, social networking, or message boards?  Just ask what we can do for you!

Strategy >> We can show you how to use new solutions and software in your organization to increase reliability while significantly reducing your costs. Once you have your strategy in place, don’t worry, we will be there every step of the way when you decide to implement your strategy.
Infrastructure >> We can design and implement your technical infrastructure solution, leveraging many technologies. Intranets, file & print servers, e-mail servers, databases, application servers, web servers, secure firewalls, domain servers, etc. – these are all core services that can be implemented using robust technology.
Turn Key Solution >> We have an ability to offer a vast array for strategic services to our customers. We are committed to providing solutions for our customers’ needs by leveraging the many open solutions available today, and adding specific functionality to meet the demands of a very diverse customer base.
Customized for You >> We offer a remote, extremely secure, network and back-office management solution. Web-server down? We’ll know before you do. Not getting your e-mail? We’re on it before we get a call. Our system monitoring capabilities allow us to manage your network remotely, limiting your need for in-house expertise.