Time & Billing

The time and billing system is a program for professionals that need to track their time and expenses for client billing purposes. People like consultants, engineers, transportation, lawyers, architects, designers, anyone who works on multiple projects at a time.

The system has the following features built in, with many options available.

* Employees can have time assigned to multiple projects with variable rates per project
* Expenses can be tracked by project, employee, company and type
* Invoices can be created in real time
* Project Status, Project Backlog, Profitability reports generated in real time
* Employee Productivity, Forecasting of Cash Flow and Work Flow

This program is currently being used in the engineering field, transportation, design consultants and service industries.

TBS Workflow

* Projects are entered and assigned to employees at job rates
* Employees update their time sheets on a regular basis (daily, weekly)
* Employees update their expenses on a regular basis (daily, weekly)
* Accounting enters additional expenses to the project (eg: courier bills)
* Accounting generates preliminary reports to check for errors
* Reports sent to Project managers corrected and Accounting makes corrections in system
* Invoices generated and sent to clients
* Management reports generated and distributed
* Invoices translated and exported into accounting software (eg: Simply, Accpac, Quickbooks)

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